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English title: Dumped

A solo about heartbreak, blending dance, physical theatre and clown, with a touch of whipcracking.

Creation, Premieres November 2024, Théâtre de l'Etincelle, Genève

Sometimes, when Cramoisi is in love, she puts herself in the bin - she has trouble dealing with rejection, you see. So Cramoisi finds herself crouching in a large wheelie bin, in which she collects all the trinkets that have the slightest connection with her crush. She obsesses over every detail of what happened, from the comma in a text message to that moment when their hands brushed. She clings to these signs of fate, like a hoarder - and frankly, it stinks.

Once she finally emerges from her bin with a bang (she has trouble doing things discreetly), Cramoisi tries to console herself as best she can... Cigarette in hand, she's a tease right down to her fingertips. She started smoking in the good old days, you see, so she could flirt with guys whilst hanging around outside nightclubs.
And now? Now, she's dissecting her latest break-up - clearly, he must have been intimidated. And he was a Sagittarius, with Aries rising and his moon in Scorpio... she should have known, it was never going to work out between them. 

And thus she confides in you whilst clutching her pack of cigarettes - or better said, she complains. She bandies about her failed love affairs with near exhibitionist candour, reliving the affairs with resounding delight and pain…
She cries, slobbering the ashes of the cigarette she just snuffed out on her tongue, because her life is nothing but suffering anyway, and no one is there to stop her, because she is alone, you see, all alone... A bit like Edith Piaf, in fact. Edith Piaf knew a thing or two about heartbreak.

And despite everything, Cramoisi believes in Love so much that she could find it even in a wisp of cigarette smoke. She'd like you to find it there too.

A bit like Edith Piaf, actually.

60 minutes, with spoken word, in French, English or German

© Aline Zandona

Concept, choreography, performance by Sophie Ammann
Directed by Pauline Raineri

Light and sound design Laurent Schaer
Photographs by Aline Zandona, Alban Delachenal

Production Tacky Productions, Genève


Research residency at Théâtre Pitoëff, with the support of la Ville de Genève

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